Balmuir was born in Northern Finland where nature surrounds the daily life.

Balmuir is a lifestyle brand offering fashion accessories and interior decoration items made from the finest natural materials. Each Balmuir product is a token of fine craftsmanship and designed to bring joy for years.

Balmuir fashion collection include scarves, bags, shawls, knitwear and hats. Both autumn/winter and spring/summer collections come in natural colours spiced up with the latest colour trends. The items are a combination of genuine materials with a luxurious feel.

Balmuir interior decoration collection covers the living room, study, bedroom, bath and kitchen. Balmuir products give a sophisticated touch to the decorative finishing of an elegant home or office. The products are widely used also in high end hotel and restaurant projects.

All Balmuir products are manufactured by carefully chosen and highly commited suppliers. Balmuir want to build long-lasting partnerships with its suppliers by sharing the high business ethics and the values of honesty, liability and straight forwardness.

The origin of the production is usually defined by where the unique and natural raw materials are produced.

Balmuir’s main criterias for choosing the right supplier are the high quality craftmanship, ability and experience of processing the chosen raw material, and reputation of the company. Sustainability is our core value and Balmuir develop the supply chain transparency and sustainability constantly.

The corner stones of Balmuir’s business are the product quality, excellent customer service, flexibility and joy of doing and creating.

Balmuire believes that quality is in fashion forever.

Balmuir has stores in Stockholm, Helsinki, Oulu and of course Arctic Circle. 

Arctic Circle store is open
Mon–Sat 10 am – 6 pm
Sun 11 am – 6 pm

+358 40 120 7900
Joulumaantie 2 B

Find us:


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