Santa Claus tells about his life

How does Santa Claus prepare for Christmas?

At Ear Mountain we spend the whole year preparing for Christmas.

Of course, gifts are most important, so we have to make sure they are all ready in good time. We take care of our reindeer, check the sleigh is in good condition, and the skis are okay.

Santa’s route varies every year and is meticulously planned with the help of the Weather Elves.

In preparation for the long journey, we have to take into consideration the Northern Lights, north winds, snowstorms and time differences.

There is plenty to do, but luckily Santa Claus has plenty of experience at preparing for Christmas.

How does Santa Claus relax after Christmas?

In the same way as other times of the year, by taking a nap in the evening.

Scientists have found that a nap of 15–20 minutes in the afternoon really does refresh you and evens out the day’s rhythm, but Santa Claus already discovered this 150 years ago.

I also like to spend time relaxing while I read children’s letters and books.

I always read a number of books at the same time, like travel books and autobiographies, and plenty of children’s books.

In-between books, I like to take occasional strolls outdoors. In the winter-time, I love
walking in the freezing conditions, enjoying nature and the extremely fresh outdoor air.

What is Santa’s favourite food?

Traditional rice pudding, of course! But, this is probably the favourite food of every Finn.

I also love all sorts of porridge. I get barley from a farmer friend of mine, and Mrs Claus makes some amazing porridge with barley.

Where does Santa spend the summer months?

Summer is a busy time for Santa, so it’s great that there is the Midnight Sun and so much daylight in the summer months.

I walk outdoors a lot and chat with nature. The forest wildlife, like squirrels, hares, foxes, bears and wolves, all have their own tales to tell.

Summertime is also the time we make fresh sauna whisks using the fresh leafy twigs of birch trees.

How many homes does Santa Claus have?

My real home is Ear Mountain, called Korvatunturi in Finnish.

In the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, I have a big house where I greet travellers.

Over the centuries I have also acquired some quaint hideaway cabins that I visit occasionally, but as these are hideaways, the locations have to be kept a secret.

Nature and people. Nature is never far away in Rovaniemi. Two huge rivers flow through the town with the wonderful backdrop of the hilly landscapes.

Just a few steps from the town centre and you can find yourself in the wilderness, a place where you can hike and pick wild berries and mushrooms.

All of Lapland’s seasons are beautiful; the brightness of summer, vibrant colours of autumn, crown snow-clad trees of winter and the brilliance of the springtime sunshine. Mother Nature is an artist beyond compare!

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