Sieriporo Safaris

SieriPoro Safaris is an authentic and original Lappish reindeer farm.

SieriPoro’s family has been practicing reindeer herding in Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland since at least 1800.

Reindeer farm is located by Sierijärvi Lake, about 15 km from the centre of Rovaniemi.

The idyllic and well-stocked Sierijärvi Lake represents Finnish lakes at their most beautiful.

SieriPoro Safaris offers travelers a unique experience in the life of a reindeer amidst picturesque Lapland nature.

Mr. Ari Maununiemi
Tel. +358 40 845 87 54

Mr.  Sampo Pasma
Tel. +358 40 825 37 56

Kurivaarantie 203
96600 Rovaniemi

(Photo: Visit Rovaniemi)

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  1. Amnon Epstein

    I will arrive at the 1st of February, as a tour leader.


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