You can also see, hear and feel the Xmas Boys band playing music in Santa’s Gift House. They perform in the northern end of Santa’s Gift House.

As you enter the Santa Claus Gift House at the Santa Claus Village, you will also be crossing the Arctic Circle. The northern monument travels through the building and the line has been marked on the floor.

Once the line has been crossed, the magical world of the Xmas Boulevard opens up in front of you.

Santa Claus Gift House celebrates Christmas 365 days a year, and we are open to the public on every day of the year, tell Tunturi-Tuote shopkeepers Petri Hoikka and Katy Harila, whose shop is located in the Gift House.

“Our largest shop, Tunturi-Tuote Shop2, has been expanded this year with plenty more items available for visitors seeking special souvenirs and gifts for everyone at home. We wish you welcome!”

After the Santa Claus Village Roosevelt Cabin, Santa Claus Gift House is the oldest building in the village. Nowadays, the building has been protected as building of architectural and cultural importance.

“The old side of the building was built in 1964, when people from all over the world got to know that Santa Claus can be met at the Arctic Circle”.

Petri has witnessed the enormous development occurring at the Santa Claus Village around the Santa Claus Gift House.

“Here is a large group of enterprises. Something new is introduced to the area every year, but we are still hoping to get more accommodation. This is a unanimous desire of all entrepreneurs in the area”.

Today, the Christmassy milieu of Santa Claus Gift House is an oasis for Christmas, Santa Claus and people who are fans of Lapland.

In the boulevard you will find Finnish design, savour local Lappish Food, and even take some handicrafts back as souvenirs.

The building also has the Arctic Circle Info, there to provide assistance with anything related to the Santa Claus Village. There are three cafeteria decking areas available during the summer.

Every year, the Santa Claus Village welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors. Visitors are served by a busy bunch of entrepreneurs who are not afraid of work or speaking many different languages.

Petri and Katy run three shops in Santa Claus Gift House, so particularly during high seasons, they have plenty of work to do. They don’t even take time off between the seasons:

“This is when we intensively focus on new ideas! Being a shopkeeper is not a job, it’s a way of life. Here at Santa Claus Gift House we had a great bunch of entrepreneurs all working together to make the area even more appealing. We are all infected with the Arctic Circle lunacy, which is of course a positive thing!”

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